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Echo 21560070 Tap & Go Trimmer Head


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Genuine Echo 21560070 Universal Tap & Go Trimmer Head fits most Straight Shaft trimmers including the following models :-

  • SRM-225 SRM-225i SRM-225U SRM-261T SRM-265 SRM-265S SRM-265T SRM-265U SRM-280 SRM-280S SRM-280T SRM-280U SRM-140DA SRM-200 SRM-200AE SRM-200BE SRM-200CE SRM-200D SRM-200DA SRM-200DB SRM-201F SRM-202DA SRM-202FA SRM-210 SRM-210i SRM-210SB SRM-210U SRM-211 SRM-211SB SRM-211U SRM-230 SRM-230S SRM-230U SRM-231 SRM-231S SRM-231U SRM-250E SRM-260 SRM-260S SRM-260U SRM-261 SRM-261S SRM-261SB SRM-261U SRM-300 SRM-300AE SRM-300ET SRM-310SRM-311 SRM-311S SRM-311U SRM-340 SRM-400 SRM-400AE SRM-400BE SRM-400E SRM-400U SRM-1500 SRM-1500A SRM-1501 SRM-2100 SRM-2100SB SRM-2110 SRM-2200 SRM-2201 SRM-2300 SRM-2301 SRM-2310 SRM-2400 SRM-2400SB SRM-2410 SRM-2450 SRM-2500 SRM-2501 SRM-2501S SRM-2502 SRM-2510 SRM-2601 SRM-3000 SRM-3001 SRM-3010 SRM-3100 SRM-3100S SRM-3110 SRM-3400 SRM-3800 SRM-4600 SRM-302ADX SRM-266 SRM-266S SRM-266T SRM-266U SRM-410U

Includes 4 different adaptors plus Husqvarna and Stihl adaptors

PLEASE NOTE : Will not fit trimmers with Curved Shaft