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Echo 61031452130 Adaptor Plate



Genuine Echo 61031452130 Adaptor Plate (Item 4) to fit the following models :-

  • RM4000, RM4000SI, RM410ES, RM5000, RM520ES
  • SRMF3, SRMF340L, SRMF250L, SRMF250U
  • SRM2015, SRM2015S, SRM2206ESW, SRM222ES, SRM2305, SRM230SL, SRM2306ES, SRM235ESL, SRM236TES, SRM2455, SRM2455S, SRM2455SI, SRM250, SRM250SI, SRM250SIL, SRM250SIU, SRM2605, SRM2620TES, SRM2655, SRM2655SI, SRM265TESL, SRMRESU, SRM300ESI, SRM300ESU, SRM300TES, SRM300TESL, SRM300TESU, SRM305ESL, SRM3155, SRM315SL, SRM330, SRM330ES, SRM330ESL, SRM335ESL, SRM335ESU, SRM335TESL, SRM335TESU, SRM350ESU, SRM360SL, SRM360SLU, SRM3610TL, SRM3610TU, SRM3805, SRM4000, SRM4000SI, SRM4000U, SRM410ESU, SRM420ES, SRM420ESU, SRM420TESU, SRM5000, SRM5000U, SRM510ESL, SRM510ESU, SRM520ESU
  • MTA-TB