Etesia (FS481V) Engine Service Pac


Etesia Hydro 100 & 100EVO Engine Oil Filter


NGK BPR4ES Spark Plug × 2

£3.35 each

Universal Inline Fuel Filter


Kawasaki 11013-7049 Pre Filter


Kawasaki 11013-0752 Air Filter



Engine Service Parts Pac to fit the following models with Kawasaki FS481V Petrol Engine.

  • SKD, MKM, MKHP5, MKHP4, MKHP3, MKHE3, MKEHHE fron Serial No. 119561, MKEHHE2, MK124

Includes the following parts :-

  • One x Air Filter Element
  • One x Pre Filter
  • One x Engine Oil Filter
  • One x Inline Fuel Filter
  • Two x NGK Spark Plug