Kawasaki 21130-2056 Spark Plug Cap with Terminal



Genuine Kawasaki Spark Plug Cap complete with Terminal to fit the following models :-

  • KBL23A, KBH26A, KBL26A, KTR26A, KTR26AC, KBH33A, KBH34A, KBL34A, TD40, KHB40A, KBH43A, KBL43A, KBH48A, KBL48A and
  • KBH48BKHD600A, KHD600B, KHT600S, KHT600D, KHT600SC, KHS750A, KHS750B, KHT750D, KHT750SC, KHS750BC and KHS1100B
  • KWN10A
  • KEL26A
  • KRB750A, KRB750BC, KRB750B, KRB750AC, KRB300A, KRB400B, KRB400A, KRB650BC, KRB650B and KBR700B

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