Oleo Mac 66030256R Blade Hub



Genuine Oleo Mac 66030256R Blade Hub 22.2mm to fit the following models :-

  • G44TB, G44TK
  • G47T, G47TA, G47TAS, G47TB, G47THQ, G47TQ
  • G48TAL, G48TAS, G48TB, G48TBQ, G48TBR, G48TBX, G48TBXE, G48TBXM, G48TH, G48TK, G48TKE
  • G53TBX, G53TBXE, G53TBXM, G53THX, G53TK, G53TKE, G53TX, G53TKE
  • GH48TK, GH53TK
  • GV48TK, GV53TBX, GV53TK
  • MAX44TBX

PLEASE NOTE : Options available. Check engine crankshaft diameter is 22.2mm before ordering