Shindaiwa X047000580 Speed Feed Trimmer Head


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Genuine Shindaiwa X047000580 Speed Feed Trimmer Head fits all Shindaiwa Straight Shaft Trimmers including the following models :-

  • T222, T231, T242, T2510, T261, T272, T282, T310, T300, T3410, T350, T450, T270
  • C35LA, C242, C2510, C282, C300, C310, C3410, C350,
  • B450, BP530, BP45, BP420, BP520, BP530, BP40LA
  • CL520, CL590

Shindaiwa patented revolutionary Speed-Feed trimmer heads take the hassle out of refilling your trimmer head and are the easiest loading tap-to-advance heads available. In fact the Speed-Feed reloads in under 30 seconds with just 3 easy steps, all without taking the head apart. SF400 is perfectly balanced for vibration free operation.

Maximum Line Diameter : 2.4mm